All ways to get involved


Ways to get involved.

Now, more than ever, we need people like you to join our team and help us make sure no one faces histiocytosis alone.


Virtual Events you don’t have to be together to come together –

All You Need is Creativity
Virtual events are low risk and low cost, there are no venues to book, no cheering zones to arrange. Creativity is your only barrier. You can set them up very quickly and get the word out immediately using social media. 

All you need is an idea and a fundraising page. 
Keep it simple, start today

Virtual events don’t need to be complicated, and often the simplest ideas are the best. Setting up a virtual event is just the same as any other event. 

Stay Home Quizzes Get mates on-line from your Pub, Club, School, Gym
Live Stream Dance, Yoga, Home Gym, Exercise Classes, Singing, Run Marathons in the Garden, Swim in the Bath! Marathons around the living room.

Tabletop Euro Football, Chess, Dominoes, Puzzles, Pasta in a Jar.



We are indeed a rare community of patients, families, friends and doctors bound by the collective fight against histiocytic disorders. Our success is a direct result of the collaborative nature of this community and the desire and willingness of everyone to get involved in their own way.

There are limitless ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of patients with histiocytic disorders.

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