Call For Abstracts

Histiocytosis UK
Call for abstracts for oral presentation – share your work at the Histiocytosis UK 2021 Forum on 18th November 2021
Histio UK welcomes abstract submissions for oral presentations for this year’s annual forum to be delivered virtually.

Abstracts will be considered on the following:

Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH)
Juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG)

Rosai-Dorfman Disease (RD)
Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD)

Abstracts selected for presentation will receive a Book Award.
You are strongly advised to read the submission guidelines for this year’s UK Histio Forum as these may be slightly different to previous years:

Abstracts can be submitted from Sunday 4th July to midnight Wednesday 1st September 2021.
Submission is electronically via the Oxford Abstract system on which you will first need to register (free).
Submit your abstract here:


Guidelines for submitting an abstract for the Histiocytosis UK 2021 Forum

These guidelines are intended to help you submit a clear, concise and successful abstract for oral presentation at the Histiocytosis UK 2021 Forum.

Please note the following conditions of abstract submission and presentation at the Histiocytosis UK 2021 Forum.

• Abstracts are required for all oral presentations and are peer-reviewed by HISTIO UK.

• Only abstracts submitted via the online submission form (Oxford Abstracts) are eligible for review. This will open on Sunday 4th July 2021

• Abstracts must be submitted by midnight Wednesday 1st September 2021

• When you are submitting the abstract, if you are unsure about who will be registering for the conference and presenting the work then we suggest you submit the abstract with several named authors; the presenting author does not need to be the first named author.

• Abstracts must be submitted in English.

• Accepted abstracts will be published in the Forum programme/publication.
By submitting an abstract, you consent to give HISTIO UK permission to publish your abstract in the forum programme/ publication and or the knowledge bank.

Presenting author and registration

  1. The presenting author must register as a participant for the full conference by Sunday 31st October 2021
  2. HISTIO UK reserves the right to exclude any abstract from the HISTIO UK forum that is not followed by registration by the presenting author by Sunday 31st October 2021.
  3. Withdrawal of an abstract can only be made by email to:
    Failure to register will not be regarded as an automatic withdrawal of your abstract.

Why submit an abstract?
Oral presentation by healthcare professionals is a key element in the exchange of good practice at the HISTIO UK forum.
It provides an opportunity to bring work to the attention of a wide audience, enhancing the prestige of the presenter and is evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).
Submitting a well-constructed abstract is the Version 1.1 midnight Wednesday 1st September 2021 key to this opportunity – good work can be missed when submissions are rushed or poorly constructed. How and when to submit an abstract?
All abstracts must be submitted by midnight on midnight Wednesday 1st September 2021, using the Oxford Abstract system.
Please note that submissions after that date cannot be accepted.
To submit your abstract, go to:
You will need to create a login in and complete all of the fields, supplying the requested details about yourself, your co-authors and your presentation. As well as your abstract, you will need to supply a short biography for the main author (and for the presenting author if this is different). Make sure you are on the 2021 forum submission page. NB: Do not leave line spaces between paragraphs as this may prevent the abstract from being uploaded successfully.

Allow sufficient time! Please make sure to allow sufficient time to write and to submit your abstract. It can take some time to prepare your submission and to upload it.

What can I submit?
Abstracts for oral presentations may be submitted on the following:

• Research studies (including, but not limited to, clinical, observational, behavioral and genetic studies, and methodologies including quantitative and qualitative)
• Clinical audits
• Case reports
• Advances in service provision or education relating to histiocytoses

Abstract Format
The maximum word limit for an abstract is 250 words excluding the title.

Please note that the Oxford Abstract system will not accept abstracts that exceed the word limit.
The title should be succinct and clearly specify the type of study (e.g., randomised control trial, case study, service development evaluation, systematic review, Adult, Paediatric etc.). It should also address, where relevant: Version 1.1 1st September 2021, using the Oxford Abstract system.
• Population
• Intervention
• Comparator / control (where applicable)
• Outcome.

Please use the relevant headings as detailed below when setting out your abstract and ensure all required information is included.
These headings are part of the word count.
References are not necessary in the abstract, but if used will be included in the word count (however, references should be included in the final oral or poster presentation).

  1. Research Study
    • Introduction
    • Aims
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusions

PLEASE NOTE for research study:
• Method should include ethical approval.
• Results (whether interim or final) should be summarised in the abstract. It is not acceptable to say that results will be disclosed in the final presentation.
• Conclusions must address what the study adds to existing knowledge.

  1. Clinical Audit
    • Introduction
    • Aims
    • Standards being audited
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    PLEASE NOTE for clinical audit: Conclusions must address how the audit relates to any changes in practice or revision of standards.
  2. Case(s) Report
    • Describe original/rare case(s)
    • Reason for report
    • Case(s) description
    • Discussion
    PLEASE NOTE for case(s) report:
    • Case(s) description must confirm that consent was obtained
    • Discussion should compare with previous reports and address implications for practice.
  3. Advances in service provision or education relating to histiocytoses
    • Aims
    • Rationale
    • Description
    • Evaluation
    PLEASE NOTE for service provision and or education: Evaluation should include key recommendation(s) Outcome /Impact.

Histiocytosis UK follows an anonymous scholarly peer-review process. To preserve anonymity, please ensure that you do not include any identifying information in the abstract. You should exclude from the abstract items such as name of author, country or institution. You will, however, input these details into the Oxford Abstract submission form.

This is separate to the abstract and will not be seen by the review team. Version 1.1 1st September 2021, using the Oxford Abstract system.

Declaration of interests
A conflict of interest exists when professional judgement concerning a primary interest (such as patients’ welfare or the validity of research) may be influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain or personal rivalry). It may arise when an author has a financial or other interest that may influence, probably without their knowing, their interpretation of their results or those of others. The audience should be told whether the work they are seeing has been influenced in any way by other factors, such as direct funding of their work or provision of supplies (e.g., equipment), or indirect assistance such as sponsorship of conference /forum place or educational session. This helps the audience to decide whether the findings and conclusions are likely to be biased in any way.
Where to make the declaration of interests
When submitting your abstract to the Oxford Abstract system, you are required to make a declaration of interests online where there may be any potential conflict.
The declaration is included as part of the submission form. Please note that:
• The declaration of interests should not be referred to in the abstract itself;
• HISTIO UKS asks that all presenters make an explicit declaration of interests in their oral presentation. Where it is subsequently discovered that a conflict exists which has not been declared, the Histio UK reserves the right to reject the submitted abstract.

How are the abstracts judged and when will I be informed of the outcome?
Following the anonymous peer review process by Histio UK, all applicants will be notified of the decision regarding their abstract in late October. If you are not successful, unfortunately we will be unable to provide feedback.

Final points

  1. On submission of an abstract you and/or your co-authors are agreeing to attend the Histio UK Forum and present your oral or poster presentation at whatever time is scheduled within the Forum programme.
    Should your abstract be accepted, the presenting author is expected to register to attend the UK Histio Forum
  2. Histio UK will decide on the format (oral), date and time of presentation, and time allotted to each presentation, based on the nature of the abstract and its content.
    Histiocytosis UK take no responsibility for any published abstracts submitted. Any issues or errors arising from the abstracts are solely the responsibility of the authors.

By submitting his/her/their work, the Author(s) consent to the publication of the abstracts in the Forum publication/programme and or the knowledge bank.
Author(s) represent and warrants that he/she/they is/are sole author(s) of the work and that all authors have participated in and agree with the content and conclusions of the work; and that the work is original and does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal right of any third party. If the work is not original, the Author(s) should reference the original source and ensure all relevant permission and/or authorisation to re-use has been obtained.

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