Medical Centres UK


Histio UK are unable to provide direct medical opinions or give advice on individual cases.

Your GP, Consultant or medical professional can access the UK Histiocytosis Advisory Panel who are able to provide specialist consultation to your professional medical team in all areas of histiocytic disorders.

If you would like further assistance or consultation, please refer to your medical professional and request a referral to the UK Histiocytosis Advisory Panel.

The UK Histiocytosis Advisory Panel are not available direct to patients or parents. They are only accessible to your medical team, who can refer your personal medical position to specialist clinicians in your histiocytic disorder.

Please be advised that all the information you read here is not a replacement for the advice and guidance you will get from your medical professional and their team.

Medical Professionals please contact the Histio UK office if you require access to the UK Histiocytosis Advisory Panel or further information details.


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